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[23] Real Effects of Rollover Risk: Evidence from Hotels in Crisis
by A. DeFusco, C. Nathanson, & M. Reher (Philly Fed Mortgage Market Research Conference, 2024)

[22] Keeping Up with the Blackstones: Institutional Investors and Gentrification
by N. Austin (American Finance Association Meeting
, San Antonio, 2024)

[21] Identifying Tax-Setting Responses from Local Fiscal Policy Programs
by V. Merlo, A. Schanbacher, G. Thunecke, & G. Wamser (Syracuse-Chicago Property Tax Webinar
, 2023)

[20] Printing Away the Mortgages: Fiscal Inflation and the Post-COVID Housing Boom
by W. Diamond, T. Landvoigt, G. Sanchez (SFS Cavalcade
, UT Austin, 2023)

[19] The Industry Expertise Channel of Mortgage Lending
by Y.Chu, Z. Xiao, & Y. Zheng (Midwest Finance Association Conference
, Chicago, 2023)

[18] To Own or To Rent? The Effect of Transaction Taxes on Housing Markets
by L. Han, L.R. Ngai, & K. Sheedy (Conference on Urban and Regional Economics
, Philly Fed, 2022)

[17] Income Taxes and Mobility of the Rich: Evidence from U.S. and U.K. Households in Switzerland
by M. Koethenbuerger, C. Naguib, C. Stettler, & M. Stimmelmayr (Urban Economics Association
, World Bank, 2022)

[16] Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Competition
by A. Shourideh & X. Zhang (Urban Economics Association, World Bank, 2022)

[15] Disposable Income and Redistribution over the Lifecycle
by C. Hilscher & H. Stichnoth (ZEW Mannheim Taxation Conference, 2022)

[14] Entrepreneurship and the Platform Economy: Evidence from U.S. Tax Returns
by M. Denes, S. Lagaras, & M. Tsoutsoura (CEPR Endless Summer Conference, Athens, 2022)

[13] Cooling Auction Fever: Evidence from the Housing Market
by A. Gargano & M. Giacoletti (European Finance Association Meeting, Barcelona, 2022)

[12] Work from Home and the Office Real Estate Apocalypse

by A. Gupta, V. Mittal, & S. Van Nieuwerburgh (USC Macro-Finance Conference, 2022)

[11] Do Business Tax Rates Affect Investment? Evidence from the Local Business Tax in Germany
by C. Bartels, S. Eichfelder, J. Knaisch, & C. Pöchel (IIPF Annual Congress, Linz, 2022)

[10] Welfare Analysis of Changing Notches: Evidence from Bolsa Familia
by K. Bergstrom, W. Dodds, & J. Rios (IIPF Annual Congress, Linz, 2022)

[9] Does Statutory Incidence Matter for Tax Avoidance?
by T. Boogaerts (AREUEA International Conference, Trinity College Dublin, 2022)

[8] Betting on the House: Subjective Expectations and Market Choices
by N. Bottan & R. Perez-Truglia (IEB Workshop on Urban Economics, Barcelona, 2022)

[7] The Downstream Channel of Financial Constraints and the Amplification of Aggregate Downturns
by G. Cortes & S. Rocha (Eastern Finance Association Meeting, Washington, D.C., 2022)

[6] High-Tech Clusters, Labor Demand, and Inequality: Evidence from Online Job Vacancies in China
by Q. Chen, K. Mane, G. Park, & A. Shen (Urban Economics Association North American Meeting, 2021)

[5] Entrepreneurial Migration
by K. Bryan & J. Guzman (Workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation, Fall 2021)

[4] The Tax Elasticity of Capital Gains: Evidence from Millions of Housing Sales
by A. Levy (Urban Economics Association European Meeting, 2021)

[3] Using High-Frequency Evaluations to Estimate Discrimination: Evidence from Mortgage Loan Officers
by M. Giacoletti, R. Heimer, & E. Yu (Yale Junior Finance Conference, 2021)

[2] Search for Yield in Housing Markets
by C. Garriga, P. Gete, & A. Tsouderou (AREUEA-ASSA Annual Meeting, 2021)

[1] The Cost of Misaligned Tax Incentives: Evidence from Tax-Motivated Special Dividends
by K. John, T. Krupa, & S. Utke (National Tax Association Annual Meeting, 2020)

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