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I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at Yale School of Management. I received my PhD from the Economics Department at Columbia University.

My research explores topics in real estate, corporate finance, and macro-finance. 

I am particularly interested in the spatial dimensions of firm financing and investment. In another set of projects, I use administrative data to examine the incidence of taxes and macroprudential regulation on real estate markets. My work also touches on household finance and intermediation aspects of property investment, including delinquency and home equity credit lines.

My CV is here          My SSRN page          Google Scholar

I am currently hiring part-time research assistants for my projects. If you are a Yale undergraduate or graduate student, please see application instructions here.

Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham and I are hiring a full-time pre-doc RA to work with us at Yale on projects at the intersection of real estate and household finance. Please apply through the Yale Tobin Center portal here

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